Critical Thinking Math

數學邏輯思考 Critical Thinking Math

According to the curriculum guide from the Hong Kong Education Bureau, one of the important goals in learning mathematics are to develop creativity, skills in problem solving, critical thinking and communication. Training in logical and critical thinking helps children understand the skills mentioned above.
Questions from the following 4 areas are often appeared in school interviews. The fun and comprehensive critical and logical math program Eye Level provides allows children to grasp the required skills easily.

1. Geometry

Students will develop and improve their skills in various areas in geometry, including plane figures, 3-dimensional figures, combining/dividing shapes, and symmetric figures.
Question 1: Which image would you see if a mirror were placed on the dotted line?

Eye Level Q1 空間幾何

Answer: The bottom left one.

2. Reasoning

Students will enhance their logical thinking by developing analytical skills and comprehension through activities of classification and analogy.
Question 2:Look at the related pictures and choose the picture that belongs in the blank space.

Eye Level Q2 推理概念
Answer: The second one from right.

3. Patterns

Students will develop knowledge of sequences and logical thinking skills through repeated patterns and increasing patterns.
Question 3: Choose the flower that completes the pattern.
Eye Level Q3 序列概念
Answer: The second one from the left.

4. Measurement

Students will learn how to compare sizes, lengths, areas, and volumes.
Question 4: Use 2 or 3 different Colored Blocks to make the block length. Write the block number in the blank spaces.
Eye Level Q4 量度概念

 Sample paper – K2

Please click here to download K2 CTM sample questions

Sample paper – K3

Please click here to download K3 CTM sample questions

Sample paper – P1

Please click here to download P1 CTM sample questions

A preparatory course for the Critical Thinking Math Challenge is now offered in all Eye Level education centers. Your child will experience Critical Thinking Math and learn about the question types in the challenge.

Critical Thinking Math Challenge Preparation Course

12 lessons (3 months, 45min per lessons)
Lesson Time:
1 lesson per week (subject to availability of centers' timeslot)

◎ Logical, analytical, spatial sense, problem solving and reasoning problems
◎ Through real-world math problems, arouse children’s interest in learning math
◎ The teaching tools help children understand abstract concepts
◎ To improve critical thinking and problem solving skills